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Dec. 7 Tuesday 1915
In bed all day
More letters from Home It is good to know that the loved ones are well & thinking of you

Dec. 8 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day
All patients able to get up are given a suit of loose kharki clothes with a blue tie & kharki hat. They can go out to Cairo in these togs.

Dec. 9 Thursday 1915
In bed all day
One patient in this Hospital got out to the canteen & had a good feed & was dead in a few hours poor chap. He thought the Dr was too hard on him but found out the mistake too late.

Dec. 10 Friday 1915
In bed all day
Yes, separation is a big word these days. I fear many in Qland today are thinking of the long separation of their loved ones & many will never rejoin their friends this side of the grave

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