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June 8 Tuesday 1915
No casualitys this morning. Very little shelling today. The pioneers making road wider to take larger guns into firing line.
Major Fuller & others in trenches inspecting Lieu Hanly & a sergeant of 5th regiment killed whilst out patrolling. Lieu Smith A. S. C. was up to see Major Fuller this morning. The grave of Colonel Onslow Thompson was found against one of our trenches. Like a true soldier he was killed & buried under the shell and bullet of the enemy. So shallow is the grave that his book [indecipherable] protruding from the soil around.
The naval 18 inch guns are replacing ours on different prominent points.

June 9 Wednesday 1915
Between 8 & 9 oclock each night the mules & donkeys bring up the steep slopes, the rations for the men camping on the hill, & in the trenches
It is quite light at 8. 30 PM. (The twilight is purple)
All the mules are under the charge of the Indian troops
No casualitys reported this morning from our Regiment.
Major Fuller & Captain Somerville inspecting trenches. Very little firing during night everything quiet. Turks stealing our barbed wire at night. This can easily be done now owing to the darkness. They are also erecting kind of fence in front of their own trenches. We hope to pull the structure down tonight
A gun boat has been shelling the enemys position this afternoon.
Fresh meat is being supplied at present 3 times a week.

June 10 Thursday 1915
No casualitys reported from our Regiment this morning.
Capt Somerville, & party of 10 men from each squadron 30 all told being initiated into the art of grenade bomb throwing. This party will be eventually under the command of Lieu Huxstable. A party of men also have to learn how to use the Japanese guns which throw like rockets Bombs into the air, & are used with the grenade bombs in trenches.
A Trooper Edwards whilst observing was shot dead this evening. Shells bursting around us about 6. 30 PM. I was hit by a piece whilst standing outside "dug out". Letter sent to Col Cox today by Major Fuller.

June 11 Friday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning. Everything quiet. Capt Somerville with squad of men throwing dummy bombs. Major Fuller inspecting. Lieu Carter was injured this morning in trenches. Major Shillington here today. Capt Pollock Brigade Staff returned to duty, also Capt Foster appointed Brigade Major in place of Major Lynch who has been appointed Camp Commandant.
The Island of Imbross lies almost in front of Anzac Cove & is a base for French British etc.
The Island of Lemnos lies off Cape Ellis & in passing on transport "Ludzow"we could see the airships returning at nightfall to Rest.

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