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March 9 Tuesday 1915
Mounted Parade this morning from 9 AM to 1 PM
Medical examination of the whole Regiment.
Lecture to officers tonight by Captain Proudfoot.
3rd Expeditionary Force arrive Alexandra today coming through to Mena camp.

March 10 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade in morning till 1 PM
Col Cox out in Brigade car.
Major Fuller received notice to sit on Court Marshall Friday 12th.
Australian mail arrived no letter
Big boxing contest contest tonight between one of our boys & a Lanshire Lad easy win for the Australian.
Col Cox received word that his wife was very ill.
Pay Day for Brigade.

March 11 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade this morning very windy. The clouds of dust suffocate both men & Beast.
When windy, Egypt is about the dirtiest hole on earth.
The men & horses look like pillars of sand& dirt when returning from parade.
Each man in regiment received a copy of New Testiment as a gift from a number of ladies in N. S. Wales.
Major Fuller Field Officer tonight 6. 30 PM
Kyraa arrived Melbourne today from Egypt.
Letter sent to M- by that Boat.

March 12 Friday 1915
Colonel Cox left this morning to review Regiments manouevering outside Cairo.
Major Fuller completed Field Office 6. 30 PM.
Went into Cairo with Field Glasses to be stamped. bought soap, face cream, etc. back 8. 15 PM
Concert in recreation tent tonight
Mounted parade in morning.

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