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Dec. 11 Saturday 1915
In bed all day
In our room are a mixture of Aus. & English we get on very well together. It is interesting to listen to the Tommies telling their experiences. They had a terrible time landing a Sulva Bay Regiment after Regiment was cut to pieces, & the horror of that advance must make a life long impression on all who took part in it. Another big blumer by some one.

Dec. 12 Sunday 1915
In bed all day
Got a letter from Major Fuller asking me to get certain things & forward them on to him. It was good to hear from the old Boss who has done so much to brighten my life.

Dec 13 Monday 1915
In bed all day
2 men brought in with frost bitten feet from Anzac. They are in a bad way but the nurse is working hard to bring back circulation. The men are bright and cheerful

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