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A Realistic Account of the Landing of the Australian Troops at a Dardanelles Sunday 25th April 1915

Half a boats length half a boats length onward
Nobly our brave boys forced the shores and landed

Up the Steep Up the steep
Dashed our heroic Australians
Machine Guns in front of them
Wire entanglements around them
Vainly impede their way

Storm the heights Storm the eHeights
Show the Turks how Colonals fight
Proud of the colors you bear
Proud of the khaki you wear
Brave of Deed – Swift as steed
Onward & Upward
Dashing Australians

Up the Cliffs Up the Cliffs
Stormed our Battalion
Flashed all their bayonets bare
In the bright sunlight & glare
Oh the Brave Dash they made
And the Dear Life they gave
Oh the rich Blood they paid
And the great victory they gained
Noble Colonals

That was the way it was done
That's how the heights were won
Theres not a mothers son
Faltered or failed.
Out for the Empires good
Firm was their trust in God
Bravo Australians

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