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May 18 Tuesday 1915
Sea smooth cool breeze passed large hospital ship Islands dotted about
Divine service today
Brigadier Ryrie spoke to men re-the serious future before them. Arrived entrance to Dardinelles 8 PM big artillary duel

May 19 Wednesday 1915
Still anchored at base. Heavy fighting all night
Air O planes flying about Shells bursting all around them Plucky heros to do such dangerous work. Gun boats shelling the land all day wonderful sight. Order came to go further up about 14 miles, where the Australian 1st landed & were cut up.
Arrived at destination 6 PM

May 20 Thursday 1915
Orders received to disembark 9 AM word received General Bridges killed General Birdwood injured.
5000 Turks killed yesterday.
Terrible fighting during night.
Everything in readiness to leave am putting this book in kit bag in the event of not returning.
I am glad I came & leave those I love to the care of 'Providence'

May 21 Friday 1915
Left beach 6 AM with all Headquarters kit & equippment for a position on side of Hill near firing line. Digging out holes in ground to camp. Col Cox whilst sleeping in dug out was hit on leg by scharapnel,& carried on to Hospital Ship for treatment
Shells bursting hard all round us
Our landing on previous evening was most exciting. Shells burst over us & pieces were picked up on the deck of the "lighter"
None were hit during our passage but others were killed & wounded earlier in the day.
When getting near the beach Barges had to come along side, into which we got with baggage etc. & were then towed to the little jetty. We cuddled together under any protection till morning (Friday)

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