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Oct. 2 Satuirday 1915
Received letter from Maude dated 23rd May. In it reference was made to having received the different parcels & P. cards.
Not feeling too well today.
Went with Dick Playdell to pictures tonight.

There is a pretty spot in one of the parks here, & in the centre there is a long narrow strip of water which is full of lovely gold fish. It is a rare sight to watch the pretty creatures darting about after food. There are also a large number of ducks & geese swimming about & people fed them with all sort of dainties.

Just heard that Capt. Richardson of the 6th ALH has been killed at the Front. He was a quiet man very anxious to do his duty, & was liked generally.

Oct. 3 Sunday 1915
Worked from 6 AM to 8. 30 AM. Went to church both morning & night.
Sacrements at both services. A large number of soldiers stayed to the night's after meeting.
In the afternoon I went for long walk through the different gardens & a large cemetary. It appear to be the custom to place the shoes of the dead on top of the grave.

Oct. 4 Monday 19115
The monuments are very beautiful & in many cases the full sized portait of the deceased is enclosed in a glass house on top of vault.
Monday worked all day went to hear Dr. Jays lecture tonight on "Veneral diseases"It was hightly instructive & the different points he drove home will stay with us all through our life.
The Y. M. C. A. here is certainly doing much to help the young fellows to live right & the rooms are very comfortable & clean.

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