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July 13 Tuesday 1915
Working all day in Post Office had no Breakfast feel better with 2 meals a day
Wrote and posted letter home to Maude.

July 14 Wednesday 1915
Went out this morning to Luna Park for to be examined by Dr. He gave me a tonic returned to work 11. 30 AM
Feeling little better today

July 15 Thursday 1915
Sorting letters all day.

The "Wassa"or the low & immoral portion of Cairo was the scene of another disgraceful piece of work organized by some of our noble soldiers. A rumor was spread abroad that a soldier was robbed by one of the women & in consequence vengeance was the order of the day. Fires were lit in a number of the buildings & furniture was thrown from high windows & balconys & for a time one could imagine hell was let loose

July 16 Friday 1915
Working all day today sorting out letters.

It is not generally know that large numbers of Australian as well as Tommies are suffering from Venerial Disease of one sort or another. A Dr assistant told me that many a life had to be smothered in the hospital because nothing could be done with the sufferer, & the cruel part is that even should some recover the individual carry the germ for many years & of course others are made to suffer.

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