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May 11 Tuesday 1915
Mounted parade this morning from 6 AM to 8 AM
Strong winds blowing clouds of dust
Orders just received 10. 30 AM from Brigade Headquarters for the 3
Regiments to stand ready to move on short notice preparations pushed on all day

May 12 Wednesday 1915
Exercising horses this morning
3 Officers to stay behind with horses & men. Lieu Chisholm, Lieu Deane, & Cap O'Brien,
sorting out gear & preparing to pack up. Received letters from M. & Mother dated 11th April

May 13 Thursday 1915
Major Fuller Lieu Cross Lieu Cork left 5 AM for Rifle Range & will put through all reinforcements in musketry
Remainder of men packing up saddles – equippment to leave behind

May 14 Friday 1915
Brigade packing up all day.
I went into Cairo to secure necessary articles for Major Fuller including Rodger & Galleys Soap, cough mixture, tobacco,& fixing his electric torch.

Current Status: