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June 1 Tuesday 1915
No casuality's reported this morning
Firing very slack during night.
Shell fire commenced about 9 AM
For the past week our brigade has been split up with infantry & 1st Brigade for the purpose of being initiated into trench work. Hospital ship lying at anchor in "Cove"receiving the wounded from base hospital at beach
Shell burst into a number of men drilling on side of hill killing 5 & wounding several.
Captain Robertson visited hospital ship & reports Les Patrick's brother died today.

June 2 Wednesday 1915
No casualitys reported today. Firing very weak, Major Fuller inspecting trenches. More reinforcements arrived.
News been received that German airship has been captured at Cape Ellis. Also the "Goebun"has been sunk.
16,000 Turks to reinforce somewhere on the Peninsular.
Our machine guns are active this afternoon.
A Bakery is being established at Lemnos to supply bread to troops.
3 men of 7th Regiment (Col Arnott) were sleeping in dugout last night when
the earth fell in & smothered them they were buried today. Supposed to be vibration from guns

June 3 Thursday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning in our Brigade
One poor fellow"observing"this morning was shot through head & died connected with 4th Brigade.
Col Arnott visited Major Fuller today
Major Fuller & Adjutant inspecting trenches. All headquarters men had to parade this morning for inspection
Gun boat bombarding village 4 miles inland holding enemy's rations & reinforcements great damage was done.

June 4 Friday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning. Trooper Burns Typhoid & Spencer overwrought nerves.
Major Fuller inpecting trenches
All officers sleeping bags to be returned to base immediately.
Heavy bombardment in the DardInelles commencing 11 AM
Posted letter home to M.
Periscopes are used extensively here made simply by using stick as shown
[diagram of periscope]
All officers sleeping kits returned to beach tonight
Attack on Turks arranged 11 PM

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