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April 6 Tuesday 1915
Australian mail closed 12 AM
Mounted parade in morning
Bayonet practice in evening
Cleaning out tent
Lecture by Cap Proudfoot tonight on "advancing"
Col Cox out of camp tonight with Brigadiers.
Australian mail in NO letters.

April 7 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Pulled down old tent & erected a new one for Major Fuller
Field Ambulance shifted quarters from behind officers tents to other side of 7th Regiment.
Head quarters horses, men & 2nd Reinforcements camped in rear of officers tents (6th)
Pay day for Brigade.
Stadium opened tonight, Major Fuller treasurer.

April 8 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Trench digging in afternoon under Major Fuller & Liet Proudfoot.
Major Charley handed in resignation official trouble.
Rumours afloat that Australians have been cut up around Dardanelles (infantry)
Received letters from M & Mother dated 28th February

April 9 Friday 1915
Trench digging in morning also afternoon

Col Cox out of camp till 6 PM.
In Cairo as in all old established cities coffee is (black) served to those who wish hot & in a small cup with little lumps sugar. Glass of fresh water is also placed along side to clean the mouth and throat after drinking. This is a universal beverage.
The cigarette & the "nargile" or glass bowl of water with tube & mouthpiece whilst hundreds sit alongside small table playing dominoes.

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