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Oct. 26 Tuesday 1915
went up to P. M. Bag secured & the net closing in. After work went out to Mustapha with Rev Foley & Dick Playdell for Kit Bag. Met Mr Lamb (Scotchman) from Alexandra Light House. Invited me to got out there on Thursday to see him.

Oct. 27 Wednesday 1915
on guard today from 12. 30 PM to 12. 30 PM tomorrow.
Working all day. Pay 7/-

S. J. Watkins
!st Batt.
94 Exelsior St

Milford told DP & I that Grice took away so many things that he asked him if he intended to start a shop

Oct. 28 Thursday 1915
Working all day commenced at 8. 30AM
Grice taken again to Mustapha by Police. Went & interviewed staff of Police tonight – arranged to see Head man tomorrow – 9 AM at Mustapha. working back tonight. W. O placed me in charge

Oct. 29 Friday 1915
Working at 6 AM
went out at 8. 30 AM to Mustapha made a statement which was put down in writing
Arrangements made to see Pethard, Pladell & Stewart by the staff tonight. Grice pretending to be mad & created quite a sensation tonight.

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