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Nov. 23 Tuesday 1915
Reported sick at Base Camp & was sent to Ghizera Hospital No. 2 General put to bed & dieted.
The hospital is manned by Australian Dr & Sisters

Nov. 24 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day.
The Dr attending me is a fine chap & appears anxious to put the men on their feet again.
The food is excellent but I cannot eat.
The Dr name is "Mayo"

Nov. 25 Thursday 1915
In bed all day.
The sisters are exceeding kind & attentive. They are very strict with what a man should eat.

Nov. 26 Friday 1915
In bed all day.
The ward No 8 is a fine place on 2nd floor, & is well ventilated. The sun shines in & makes the place bright & cheerful.

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