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Oct. 16 Saturday 1915
Working all day
It's always interesting to see the care & attention bestowed upon the Sultan as He travels about. He generally rides about in a motor & right ahead are first to be seen native police on motor bikes clearing the way. All traffic has to pull aside & the people stand on the side walks with raised hats whilst the Sultan passes. Behind the motor are a number of police on bikes guarding the rear & the same in front. He is a very thin faced individual & stares straight ahead. The procession passes so rapidly that one can hardly get a chance of getting a look.

Oct. 17 Sunday 1915
working till 8. 30 am, went to church both morning & night. Went out in afternoon to see Lieu Drummond at 17 Gen Hosp.

Oct. 18 Monday 1915
Working all day
Wrote home to Maude & Harry sent some post cards to H
Went for long walk this evening.

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