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got a letter dated 2nd May from Dad
August 10 Tuesday 1915
Working all day feeling well.
A walk each morning along the Breakwater before breakfast is an exercise every man should take. It is very interesting to watch the sea rolling in & dashing against the stone wall, sending spray high in the air, & drenching any one likely to be walking even on the footpath. This breakwater is very necessary around Alexandra as the land is almost under sea level & the great Wall of Cement is the only protection, against the whole city being washed away.

August 11 Wednesday 1915
Working all day, feeling well.
News received of a General Advance at the Dardinelles. Many casualities anxiously waiting to hear how the 6th Reg. fared.
Net fishing over the breakwater is a most exciting experience. The natives have to contend with the back wash & though the water is not deep, the force of the waves drive the natives out & keeps them not only wet but in agony lest the fish should escape whilst they struggle to pick them from the net. The fish here are very sweet & lovely to eat.

August 12 Thursday 1915
Working all day feeling well.
The Australian Base Post Office
Palais Chrystal
Rue Champolion
Nearly opposite the Majestic Hotel Telephone No 910

August 13 Friday 1915
Feeling better today. work becomes a pleasure when one is fit.
Went to Base Stationary Depot for Envelopes.
Posted letter to Harry today

Why are we Fighting. It is for our property; it is for our liberty; it is for our independence, nay, it is for our very existence, as a nation. It is for our character; it is for our very name as Englishmen; it is for everything Dear & valuable to men on this side of the Grave.

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