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August 24 Tuesday 1915
Received letter from Home 20th June. Must have been returned from the front.
Working all day. Heavy lists of wounded coming in, Have heard that Major Logan of Laidley is killed.
Went for tram ride after work to Ras-el-Tin Con Home for soldiers, right on the point of perninuslar, overlooking the Ocean, It is a beautiful spot & very near the Sultan's residence.

August 25 Wednesday 1915
Working all day. More heavy lists of wounded coming in, but so far very few letters arriving for the wounded. It is pathetic to read the different letters from the men pleading for letters from home. Again we hold a big stack of letters for men whose address, we can never find.

August 26 Thursday 1915
Working all day. The Australian Mail has arrived & will be distributed tomorrow. It was a sight worth seeing this afternoon when a number of men just returned from England came for their letters. They had received none since they were wounded in April & on getting the bundle that had accumulated they sat on the floor of the office & devoured the contents of their mail. We were all to find the address of 3 men & sent out 250 letters that had been lying in wait for owners.

August 27 Friday 1915
Lieut Cunningham O. C. the A B. Depot here leaves for Cairo where a meeting is being held in connection with Post Office work here. Received a letter from Mother dated June 11th telling me Ewart was working at Littler's, had left Army Remount Depot. Posted some cards to Maude today.

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