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Sept. 28 Tuesday 1915
Replyed to Mr Palethorpes letter also Mothers.
We hear that a postal staff is coming direct from Australia to work the Office here. They are on their way.

Sept. 29 Wednesday 1915
Another mail went out today sent Maude short note.
One of our chaps was caught out after hours tonight, but broke away from the Guard & ran for his life. He got rid of His pursuers & arrived back to his room knocked out.

Sept. 30 Thursday 1915
Working as usual

Oct. 1 Friday 1915
Working all day went out to see young Watkins, He is leaving the hospital this evening.
15000 Greeks marched through Alexandra to embark for Greece. Great excitement.
The procession was a very plain one, a little music, but no military look about it. All were dressed in civilian clothes, & walked along in an easy way.

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