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May 29 Saturday 1915
Heavy firing commenced about 2. 30 this morning & continued till 8 am. Turks captured a trench but were beaten back, & we captured one of theirs. A large number of Turks killed our casualties were small.
The New Zealanders did the attacking supported by our men
Sad sight to see the wounded & dead being taken down. The wounded men never complain, & willingly suffer.
The name of the place we landed is called Anzac Cove & is roughly 12 miles from Cape Ellis
Heavy firing again about 12. 30 pm about 20 prisoners captured.
40 of our men were sent to capture a trench, & after getting in without opposition the enemy were the machine guns killing 35 only 5 escaped & returned safely.
The pathway to beach is most dangerous, a large number of men including Officers have been wounded 2 killed within last few days.

May 30 Sunday 1915
Chaplain Robertson conducted Divine service, among the different regiments today, assisted by Sal Army McKenzie. The Pardre's are kept going continually visiting sick & burying the dead, which are of a daily occurance.
Heavy firing again about lunch time shells bursting over us, & on beach
Trooper Gabasby of B Squadron whilst lying in his "dug out"was hit by shell & is rather seriously hurt.

May 31 Monday 1915
Trumpeter Wood's had his hand injured by rifle fire this morning.
Reinforcements arrived this morning 1200 men & were absorbed in different regiments.
General Birdwood inspecting camp.
Shells bursting on beach 4 men injured. Sergeant Moffatt injured in head by bullet. Posted letters home.
An officer of the 1st told us today that he saw 30 barges of dead bodies of Australians being taken out to sea 3 days after landing 26th April

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