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July 20 Tuesday 1915
Not feeling too well- suffering from Piles a good deal
There are in Alexandra some very large & well stocked shops such as "Steins"Davies, Bryan, but the vast mass of business is transacted in very small, & most insignificant places. Taking an ordinary public street, which is very narrow, you find a connecting link of shops, carrying every conceivable article, that Human Beings require.

July 21 Wednesday 1915
Parade of all patients before a Col Dr. this afternoon He has put me down for further inquiry

July 22 Thursday 1915
Still much the same feeling very weak

One can start with a Barber, & get a general clean up for 5 paistres, Haircut, Shower & brush down; next door you find comfortable quarters to sit, whilst your boots & leggings are cleaned & your laces changed. This costs 1 piastre. The next shop is a refreshment place, where Coffee, Tea & in fact a good round light meal may be had for 2 or 3 piastres. A Tailors shop comes next, then a Laundry, & a baker's shop. A curio shop. a Tobacconists, together with a Beer house may be found connected with the rest like a watch chain.

July 23 Friday 1915
Not much changed cannot eat at all well, in fact nothing agrees with me

All postal workers are provided with accomodation & food, as near to the office as possible. The military call tender to provide a certain number of men with food. In Cairo the price per head was 3 piastres per meal per man & the people in Alexandra demand 4 piastres. The meals at Cairo was in every way superior to Alexandra

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