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July 17 Saturday 1915
Worked till 12 AM knocked off – resting all afternoon not feeling too well

One feature about these Oriential Parts is that the natives do most of their work quite in the open before the Public's eye. Bread is baked in ovens, build right near the footpath, & any one can watch the process from the commencement. The disadvantage is of course the Dust & Dirt mixing with the Dough. The Bread is made up into small sausages shape half or whole circles & is baked thoroughly. There is always a slight sour taste, more especially when the loaves are made up in larger bulk. However it is very well cooked & one gets to like it. Leverts are made also "while you wait"& it is very common to see the natives mixing up & boiling the ingredients on the footpath, in boilers. Primus Stoves are mostly used as means of getting heat. Young corn- it is most common to see the principal consumers, natives, sitting over a small oven & roasting the Young Corn, & even well dressed people are soon buying & eating the grain.

July 18 Sunday 1915
Went to hear Prespertian Minister 9. 30 AM
Spent afternoon & evening at the Russell Soldiers Home
Posted letter home to M

July 19 Monday 1915
Only worked for 2 hours had to leave & return to Hospital went to bed feeling unwell
Wrote to Corp Grice telling him that I was back in Hospital

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