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August 17 Saturday 1915
Posted letter Home. Working all day.
The Natives have a loving regard for our Prickly Pear. They so care for the plant that is not only grows to a Great Height, but the fruit is as large as a Quince. I wondered what the people of all shades & position stood around different carts standing in the streets & swallowed as fast as the Hawker could manage, Fruit rich and Lusious, & thoroughly enjoyed by all, until I found it to be the Fruit of the Pear. The hawker stands at his cart & rapidly peels the outer skin as the buyer swallows the fruit.

August 18 Wednesday 1915
Working all day. Heard a rumor that the Post Office Staff would be transferred to England in a few weeks. Corporal Grice returned from Cairo, also the Staff connected with the wounded parcels.
Received another letter from Home dated the 11th July "alls well"thank god.
It is just lovely to walk along the breakwater after sun set for an hour or two, the cool ocean breeze gives one an appetite. I like to have a drink of boiling milk after the walk. 1 piastre per glass.

August 19 Thursday 1915
Received letter from Victor Convas. Working all day. Plenty to keep one going, as long lists of wounded are arriving from hospitals.

Among the many sad letters that we look at during our day, sorting, one particularly came under my notice. A young woman in Victoria had been ruined by one of the soldiers now at the front, & after waiting some time for a letter &receiving none she wrote one of the most hardened & awful worded notes to him, that a woman could put together. It made me shiver to think that a woman could put in words, the dreadful things the letter contained. Doubtless the man deserved it all.
August 20 Friday 1915
Working all day today feeling better & stronger. Another batch of men off to the front today. Just heard that Dr Verge of the 6th Regiment is in 17 Gen Hosp suffering from Dysentry. A large number of men who are convalescent are being sent to Lemnos Island to clear the Hospitals & Homes here, & Cairo, for further wounded.

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