Item 05: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 March-15 August 1916 - Page 29

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Wed 12th
Orders came out this morning that applications for transfers to the D.A.C. would be considered. about 3 parts of the Squadron put in for it & the Colonel arrived here for dinner tonight had all the N.C.O's up before him who had applied. he told McFarlane that he would recommend him for a commission if he remained & he has decided to remain;

The strongest wind I have seen in Egypt sprang up this evening & dust makes it impossible to see more than a yard or two; The poor beggars on patrol duty on the desert will have a rough time tonight; Cameron, McFarlane & Dowling are sleeping in with us tonight; We have cocoa every night before retiring; Butter received a parcel today with a couple of tins of cocoa in

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