Item 05: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 March-15 August 1916 - Page 99

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not too good all the water being too salty for the horses to drink with the exception of one hole, & a supply from this is very small; all these villages are composed of a clump of palm groves with a few Bedouin villages shelters erected with palm leaves
We are to leave here tonight at 8 oclock had a good supply of fresh water turned on this evening brought along on camels

Sun 11th
Left Hod-El-Sagia at 8 oclock last night & travelled all over the steep soft sand ridges & pulled up at 3 oclock this morning in a thick fog, & Major Anderson (6th LH) who was sent out to guide us to the Turkish Outpost was unable to get his bearings, & all we knew was that we were within a mile or two of the Outpost & had to wait ready for anything that might crop up till the fog lifted; this upset all the plans as it was

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