Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 30

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Feb. 6 Saturday 1915
Arrived Abbassia 3. 30 am camped at Station till morning. Major arranged for transporting us all to Maida Camp. Left at 3. 30PM with officers luggage in Waggon. The men went by train & arrived in camp 8 PM fixed up bed for Major.
Cairo fine old city filled with every color under the sun ; passed by Pyromids in distance Valley of Nile most Beautiful. Lucerne growing enormous height all irragated. Flower gardens water same way.

Feb. 7 Sunday 1915
Quiet day. walked round to see the sights; Beautiful residences on the one side & barren desert on the other. Got the Major a table 3/- fixing up his camp arranged to have meals at Officers Mess. Wrote home to Maude today posted letter Tuesday.

Feb. 8 Monday 1915
Band headed 6th L. H. marched through Meadi for drill purposes.
Very windy sand flying every where.
Beautiful water laid on here from River Nile. Filtered.
[Maida and Meadi probably are Maadi Camp for Light Horse near Pyramids]

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