Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 172

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Oct. 12 Tuesday 1915
After work went for a long walk around Ras el-Tin,& saw the police drilling. They take their business very seriously & both officers & men look very well, as they drill in a public square. This part is noted for the boat building trade that is carried out, & one can watch the small & large boats being constructed in a very workmanlike manner.

Oct. 13. Wednesday 1915
The march past of the Egyptian Lancers & Infantry was splendid. They were headed by a Mounted Band all riding Grey Horses. They certainly were brought up to a high state of discipline & effiecency. The horses belonging to the Mounted Yroops are well kept, & too much praise cannot be given to these fine fellows.
Pay day today 7/- received
Lieu Cunningham gone to Pt Said on business

Oct. 14,Thursday 1915
Everything working at high pressure owing to the number of wounded letters & lists coming in.
went for a walk with Dick Playdell this evening to see the place where our poor fellows are buried. Large trenches are dug & the bodies laid side by side whilst some beautiful stones are being erected now over some of the favourite ones. Officers are kept apart & have separate graves.

Oct. 15,Friday 1915
still working hard with a new lot of books, but cannot catch up with the lists as they arrive.

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