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that the house-boats are largely occupied by Europeans, - French & British, - but I do not envy them being cooped up quarters.

I have noticed that 2 of the officers of the Devons (who are at present quartered here) row over each morning from one of the house-boats where their wives live.

We were interested in a rather small Nile boat out fishing. It has the usual flattened & upward curving bow, short mast & long cross spar & was manned by 2 rowers sitting abreast while a third stood in the stern casting the net & drawing it in. from 3 casts he did not get anything.

Oll read her mail (up to Feb 20th) in between times & I think enjoyed the outing. We were back by 12 o'clock & after an ice-cream at Groppi's I left Oll & came back to barracks.

During the afternoon had a little excitement, one man who had been "wanted" for 9 months resisting arrest but finally being captured & landed in the guard room

Stayed quietly in after tea.

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