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found that we were opposite Watson's Bay. Presently went below to commence straightening things in the cabin but was glad to get away for afternoon tea at 4, after which the men's tea had to be drawn. They are being splendidly looked after.

Dinner was roast pork, roast potatoes & cabbage (preceded by soup) & sago. For tea stewed steak, pickles, bread, butter, jam, & tea (with milk in it). The men were all in very good spirits, especially when it was announced that they were to have the run of the whole of one of the decks to sleep on or do anything else: the only decks "taboo" [?] to them are the boat deck & the one just below it, the 1st saloon deck, so that they are certainly faring very well.

At 4.30 Colonel Holland called an officers parade, telling us something abt the work he expects of us. He is rather elderly, has been on troopship duty before, & seems to be a very nice fellow indeed, especially interested in the welfare of the men. After seeing to the men's tea there was time to have a bath before going along to mess, which was to have been at 6.30, the officers should mess together at the 2nd sitting, so we had to wait until 7.30.

Dinner was "au fait", but it was very late when we came out: the men by this time had scattered themselves all over the deck, & it was quite a work of art trying to get round amongst them to find the 14th of the 2nd men to be sure that they were fixed up properly. Glad to turn in abt 9.30, Vine Hall having been asleep since abt 6, & of necessity missing dinner.

Dropped off while reading, finding the Bible on the floor next morning.

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