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where a parade for "Other Denominations" (than C of E) was held by a Presbyterian chaplain who took as his text "What is man that Thou art mindful of him?" & gave a simple talk on man's place in the universe. The Brigadier General was present, came back to camp just in time for the big C of E parade here led by Chaplain                who gave an address on "Manliness".

The midday meal was a formal dinner at which the toast of "The King" was honoured, 3 Canadian nurses being present as guests of 3 of the officers: it was a very drawn-out meal.

Spent the afternoon letter-writing & reading, Len Hazelwood of the 11/13th coming along for a yarn. At it again after tea.

Monday 21 February 1916

Parades as usual, the day being clear & fine. Was not sorry to complete our duty as inlying picket necessitating our parading in full marching order at reveille, sundown & tattoo. Lecture at night.

Tuesday 22 February 1916
A fog in the early morning. The company was detailed for guard duty at Abassieh [Abbassia] barracks which are the quarters of the Egyptian Army. Some weeks ago a portion of the army marched to the Sultan's palace & demanded a rise in pay. Troops were called out & only dispersed the rising after firing on them.

Since then the battalion chiefly concerned has been confined to barracks with a guard over it & this was to be our job. A day's rations & 100 rounds of ball ammunition per man were issued overnight & at 5.30 the company fell in: this meant that

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