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their lifebelts on & wait for the fire-alarm to be given at 4.30. The ship's bell was rung & the siren sounded & the men streamed up on deck & fell in on their parades as quietly & quickly as possible. At the stairway leading up on deck I found a good deal of confusion owing to the men having no one to control their exit on the main deck, so took station there. When all were in position they were kept standing for abt 5 minutes & then dismissed.

In the evening a short concert was given by some of the passengers & the men, the various items being well applauded by the men on the deck below.

Sunday 23 January 1916

Up as usual at 6 o'clock & ready for the physical drill. Found that Holy Communion was to be held at 6.30, all being invited. There were abt 60 men & half a dozen officers present, & the service was helpful, though with drilling & shouting going on just outside the 2nd saloon, it was rather distracting.

At 9.30 a church parade was held, the chaplain speaking on Rev 11:15, dealing with problems & difficulties caused by the war. Being with the men in order to keep them orderly I was not able to hear very much of the address or the service. Immediately after this service, Divine Service was held in the 1st saloon by the Commander & was to me a very helpful service: no address, but just the service on the prayer book, the purser reading the Scripture lessons.

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