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A choir of stewards under the Purser led the singing, which was hearty: one of our sergeants resided at the organ & carried his job through very well. As many of the troops as there was room for in the saloon were allowed to attend, & seemed to enjoy the service.

Abt 11 o'clock passed a small steamer on the port side, towing 2 barges in the same direction that we are going.

During the rest of the morning & in the afternoon busy writing, but gave up to attend the sing-song of hymns by passengers & men. A perfect day, bright & clear, with a mild breeze: sea exceedingly calm in the earlier part, but with a head wind & some pitching as night approached.

Monday, 24 January 1916

Another fine day, but with a good deal of motion. Land was in sight throughout the day, the coastline appearing rough & rugged, with bare patches of sand here & there, & occasionally rocky islets against which the waves dashed, raising masses of foam.

At dinner at night we had fiddles on the tables, & even then there were several smashes. Parades held as usual: at the forenoon one had rifles & bayonets & taught my platoon how to Fix & Unfix, work they had not had before.

Rounded Cape Leeuwin abt 9 pm, its flashing light being clearly visible on the horizon.

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