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general the same as our band instruments & of course there was a drummer & 2 or 3 kettle-drummers. The band-master wore 2 stars, & in place of the blue breeches, blue trousers having the double red stripe down to the boots, & spurs. He wielded his baton very vigorously & obtained good music which I cannot describe, the general impression it gave me being that it was shriller than ours.

The guard marching after the band had fixed bayonets, - the old long triangular pattern, - the rifles (Martini pattern of either Heuri or Enfield make) being carried at the old "Shoulder Arms". They wore the customary red fez, navy jacket with brass buttons & navy knee-trousers having a thin red stripe. These junctioned with white gaiters worn over black boots, the whole giving a neat & smart appearance. The two lieutenants wore long trousers having a broad red stripe instead of the knee breeches, were spurred & carried swords.

Marching in fours the guard looked very well & I tried a snap to try & show you what it looked like. Meantime 3 or 4 "gypsy" policemen on duty were getting plenty of exercise in keeping the crowd of Arabs back from the courtyard: a number of Europeans, officers, nurses, & ? tourists, in lordly fashion stalked out in front of the crowd to the open space whence we had a perfect view of the operations.

As the new guard marched up the old guard fell in outside the guardroom, the new guard marching up at right angles to it. Then came the usual passage of compliments between guards & the telling off of reliefs for the sentries of the old guard on duty, the band meantime playing selections. At the same time a sergeant & 2 new lancers rode up, passed thro' the main gate-way, wheeled, the

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