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Altogether we only had about ½ an hour there, the returned to Cairo & after tea I came back to camp in time for 6 o'c mess. After tea developed the 3 rolls of Citadel etc films.

Sunday 12 March 1916

A glorious day, bright & sunshiny with a pleasant cool breeze.

Church Parade for "Other Denominations" was again taken by Chaplain Finigan, & coming after the C of E parade this week was sparsely attended. Officer's parade called immediately afterwards, then letter-writing until midday dinner, after which I went into Cairo & spent the afternoon with Oll at Pension Wales, returning home by 6 o'c.

Spent the evening writing & reading.

Monday 13 March 1916

A similar day to yesterday. Physical drill before breakfast & on forenoon parade use of entrenching tool out in the desert.

The afternoon was devoted to a battalion route march which took us along the Feitoun road to Helmiah Station which we had come along on the night of our arrival. Crossing the railway line we passed the encampment of the Camel Corps where some hundreds of camels were tethered under a big clump of eucalyptus trees, through a township comprising some fine buildings, past fertile fields where the wheat (bearded) was just in head & looking lovely & the Egyptian clover with its sprinkling of yellow flowered wild mustard equally healthy, thanks to irrigation, & back thro' Heliopolis. After the desert route marches this one was a delightful change.

Just before dinner two letters, Father's & Mother's of Feb 6th & one from Millie Jones came to hand. Great excitement everywhere over the arrival of the mail.

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