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"footpath" plying their trade!

Occasionally a donkey with a huge pack would be led along, carefully treading its way through the crowd. The surprising thing was that so many traders could keep going, for while we were about very few customers were to be seen. We ourselves were merely onlookers: I propose making my purchases of curios etc later so as not to have a big accumulation of stuff now: when I do it will probably pay to send my orderly to make them since most of the dealers have one set price for privates & a very different set for officers.

We passed 3 or 4 mosques & had a peep into them to see the worshippers devoutly at prayer. It was rather amusing to see men come to the door & have to take off a pair of heavy canoe-like boots & slip their feet into a pair of slippers dropped outside the doorway by the warden or whatever he was.

The afternoon was full of interesting scenes but we were not altogether sorry to get away to the European quarters for afternoon tea which we made bulky enough to answer for dinner as well. Went back to the pension & afterwards trotted round to one or two shops with Rid looking at cameras.

Got home about 9.30.

Wednesday 23 February 1916

A nice fine day with parades as usual. No lecture at night so ran into Cairo & had a short time at the pension with Ol & Rid.

Thursday 24 February 1916

Fine clear with cool breeze. Work as usual.

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