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20 January 1916

A bright beautiful day. In the morning the low sandy coast of Western Victoria was in sight some distance off. There was a fresh breeze & a rather heavy roll increasing towards evening. The extra motion caused a diminished number of men to be present at parades ad an increased number to be seen in various attitudes scattered over the decks: none of our men were seriously sick as far as I could find.

At the early morning parade issued sandshoes purchased with comfort-money to the men, most of the time usually given to physical drill being taken up this way. Hard at it during the forenoon parade & again in the afternoon.

The men specially enjoyed the organised games which the medicine-balls were used: these are large round balls something like footballs but heavier, being stuffed with horse-hair or straw, & are not kicked, but passed from hand to hand in various games in various ways.

The sickness of so many men of different units meant that there was so much more space available for parade ground, & we took advantage of it to the full.

In the evening the men gave a concert lasting from 7.30 till nearly 9.30, some of the items being really first class. The passengers expressed great appreciation at the close.

Ship rolling fairly heavily at bed-time.

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