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owing to the largely diminished number of passengers: there are perhaps 60 left.

After mess did a little writing up but was quite ready to turn in by 10 o'clock. There was quite a lot of motion, chiefly pitching.

Wednesday 26 January 1916

Anniversary day at home but not with us. A fine day with a fair northerly breeze & rather rough sea: plenty of white horses everywhere. Before breakfast a muster parade of the various units was held in order to find out whether any were short of men: 10 or 12 manes had to struck off the ship's strength.

Forenoon & afternoon parades were held as usual: at the former I took a party with rifles & bayonets for rifle exercises & in the afternoon after they had had a little exercise gave them a lecture on the advantages of sobriety (this is the title set down, but it was really a straight talk on the bad effects of alcohol) not mincing matters in any way. The platoon listened well, & I think took in what was said: they will be sober until the next port is reached.

Then read to them the 1st dream in "The Defence of Buffer's Drift", drawing on the deck a map of the country dealt with. The men were very interested, & I purpose reading one of the 6 dreams each day until they are finished.

After mess at night spent the time writing up notes. Much less motion than in the

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