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Speedily ended any argument that his coolies may have been engaged in.

About 2 o'clock the troop-train came along comprising several baggage vans, 3rd class vans more or less like our cattle trucks at home, 2nd class carriages fitted with seats somewhat like our suburban carriages but much smaller & one 1st class carriage for the officers, a corridor car well finished & upholstered. The wheels were solid, there being one pair at each end & one pair in the centre of the carriage: the gauge is narrower than ours at home.

The troops entrained & moved off at abt. 2.30 & I was able to get a snap of the train as it moved out. Soon afterwards the infantry units disembarked, but not until abt. 3.30, the time the boat was timed to leave. As a matter of fact our train moved out from the jetty just as the "Osterley", amid much cheering & waving from the train commenced to move out from the jetty: I got a snap of her from the train, where as soon as I entered an obsequious native took my pack & equipment & put it on the rack & then proceeded to dust my boots! His backsheen was not forthcoming.

The train moved off rather slowly, taking us thro' the town of Suez where English & Indian soldiers were much in evidence. Of the latter we saw squat, Japanese – like Ghurkas, small looking Bengal Lancers, Punjaubis of normal height, & big, bearded Sikhs

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