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sun was the more lofty but equally rugged range of the Sinai Peninsula, close against the coast of which a fair-sized cargo steamer could be clearly seen, like us making her way to Suez at diminished speed, "cutting out the time".

Behind us, across the glassy ocean were several steamers following in our wake, one of them on the horizon appearing to be floating in the sky, owing to the mirage. Right in front of us were several islands, one of which we passed within abt 800 yds on the western side. The sun was behind it but tried 2 or 3 snaps. It was composed of sedimentaries of which the bedding showed up clearly: a band of white ? limestone stood out in one place. On every side it was seamed &amp: furrowed to an extraordinary extent, &amp: seemed a most desolate place for even a lighthouse keeper to stay at. The weathering was a most marked feature, on[e] or two examples of aerial denudation being clearly visible. The surface in every direction seemed to be covered with rubble &amp: detritus: no vegetation was to be seen, tho' there was distant evidence of a rush of water down some of the steep gullies.

The sunset behind these rugged hills was glorious, the tinting of the cloudless sky being exquisite. At night numerous lights were passed, showing that land was close by &amp: that the captain would probably spend the night on the bridge. More breeze at night.

Ship's run to noon 355 mls, with 248 to go to Suez.

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