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Tuesday 14 March 1916

A fairly hot day & I felt the desert work during the morning a good deal.

In the afternoon just as I had started on the morrow's mail a wire came from "Oakley" stating that Leo was being brought out that evening. This upset correspondence especially as there was a big bundle of letters to be censored.

After tea waited & waited & abt 8.30 Ol & Leo came out: latter was looking well tho' a moustache considerably altered his appearance. Went back into Cairo with them, had supper, & the Leo & I came back, Leo sleeping here with me in a make-up bunk on the floor.

Wednesday 15 March 1916

Again a warm day. Leo left abt 7.30 to report in Cairo.

Parades as usual, & as soon as the afternoon's work was over changed & went in to Pension Wales. Had tea with Ol & Leo & then went to Pictures starting at 6 o'clock: all explanations were in French but the show was a very clean one. Took Ol back to her pension & the Leo & I came home, getting here abt 9.30.

Thursday 16 March 1916

A hot day. On duty as orderly officer & kept going during the day.

Leo left abt 6.30 & in the evening turned up again. There was no parade in the afternoon, a night route march taking its place, but of course I had to stay in camp on duty.

Friday 17 March 1916

As orderly officer until the "reveille" had to get up at 3.30 to inspect the guard & the get away 400 men who were detailed for Tel el Kebir, leaving here at 5.30 am. Kept going hard rooting them out, seeing to their breakfast etc, & as soon as they were

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