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possible. Is was spoilt, however by one of the officers telling his men that the alarm was to be given, & as a consequence men with their belts on were lolling all over the deck before the whistle sounded, thus spoiling completely the surprise it should have been.

The boxing contest continued before & after dinner, a stadium being rigged up on the after hatchway where passengers & men could watch the bouts. I stayed for a time, some of the contests being very good, but not feeling quite A1 went to bed early, but the night was exceedingly hot.

Ships run for the day 369 mls. Apparently they are limiting the speed so as to arrive at Colombo at the set time. Passed the Cocos Is (not within sight) somewhere in the early part of the day.

Sunday 30 January 1916

A fine morning & got up as usual for the 6.15 parade, but feeling quite off colour.

Was sorry to miss the Communion Service with the men. Attended the Church Parade at which the Chaplain took as his text, "So fight I not as one that beateth the air", suggested, of course, by boxing of the previous evening. On account of the great heat of the sun, - many of the men

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