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an artillery corporal, very drunk, but just able to walk. He was very soon in the cells & the gangway up, the boat moving off just a few minutes after 5 o'clock.

Although the stay in Port Adelaide was not pleasant for me, though it some compensation to have the colonel the next morning send his adjutant to compliment me on my guard duty. As soon as we were away from the wharf the prisoners had to be fixed up & then came a very welcome wash & clean up.

The sea was very smooth & there was little motion, with a cool fresh breeze blowing.

After dinner enjoyed my mail, & when the guard had been arranged for the night was glad to turn in abt 10 o'clock, when there was a distant light showing on the starboard bow.

Saturday 22 January 1916

Another beautifully clear fresh day. Sea very smooth & hardly any motion of the vessel. No land in sight during the day.

New guard took over at 9 o'c so was not with our men for the physical drill before breakfast. Muster parades of the various units were held, & I understand that after all the full complement of men came on board at Port Adelaide. It was quite expected that some of the units would be short one or several men.

The forenoon parade was held as usual, but the afternoon one was dismissed at 4 instead of 4.30. the men were then sent down below to put

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