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side, & towards the bows were alternate horizontal red & yellow bands. Another of the vessels was the "Orsova" going in the opposite direction & passing quite close to us. She is now painted the neutral leaden colour being adopted by the Orient Co now that there is the submarine menace in the Mediterranean. At the same time that the Orsova was passing us another large vessel was to be seen abt 3 mls away & it made one realise that if an enemy submarine or two could get on to this ocean path, a great deal of damage could easily be done: any one of the 3 of us would have made a decent prize, - from their point of view.

During the day flying fish (smaller than those seen further south) were very numerous, & I saw a number of dolphins as well.

Ship's run to noon was 151 mls.

Saturday 5 February 1916

Another day with perfect weather & a similar sea. Two vessels' lights were seen in the small hours of the morning two more passed during the day, showing that we are still on the regular ocean track.

After the parade the usual Saturday aftern. alarm was given & the men sent off for their life-belts. After coming up to their parade grounds nothing further was done – they were just dismissed. In the evening a concert was given by passengers & men.

Ship's run to noon 355 miles.

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