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Friday 15 February 1916

Not feeling to good but went out on early morning parade. After breakfast decided to rake the day off & turned into bed. Sore throat & general aches & pains.

Saturday 26 February 1916

Did not get up, the doctor, who was a contemporary of mine at the Uni, coming from time to time to swab the throat & have a yarn.

Sunday 27 February 1916

A nasty blowy day & stayed in bed again.

Two church parades, the C of E at 9.15 & Other denominations (taken by Rev Finigan, Meth.) at 10.15 were held on the parade ground just outside the tent, & it was nice to hear the hymns played by the band.

In the afternoon Ol & Rid came up & stayed for a couple of hours.

Monday 28 February 1916

A fairly fine day, & got up about 10.30, taking things quietly during the day.

Just after tea my first Egyptian letter – from Lawry – was handed in, & later 2 more from C. South came along. Mail id wonderfully welcome.

Tuesday 29 February 1916

A bright sunny day, & after breakfast I got up for the day, spending the time waiting (when not yarning to the doctor) & strolling round quietly.

After dinner at night Major Haircombe (our C.O.) lectured about the Anzac landing, tonight being the anniversary of the departure of the Australians from Mena for the famous campaign.

Letters from Father & Evelyn recd.

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