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Pitt St to central Station at home. The sides could, however, be left open, the small seats facing in the direction in which the tram was going. There seemed to be hardly any traffic other than the trams; just an occasional motor-car, & plenty of pedestrians; pubs were plentiful & doing a good trade with our men.

The policemen wore a broad-brimmed white helmet & a band on the left arm like the Melbourne police: on the whole they seemed very much smaller & slighter than our N.S.W. men.

At the Post Office there was a big crowd of men, the Telegraph Office being overfull, & it was with some difficulty that I got up to the counter & sent off my wire home. Coming out I asked the driver of a motor-car which way to go to see the sights & as he directed me the lady sitting behind joined in advising me to be sure & see King's Park. I had moved away about 100 yds when I suddenly became aware of the lady hurrying after me: she apologised & said she was sorry not to have thought before of asking me to go round with her as she took 2 of the other passengers round for a run. She proved to be a Mrs Keenan (?) a lady with 2 brothers at the front, one of whom (Capt Parker) is D.A.A.G [Deputy Assistant Adjutant General], & A.D.C. [Aide-de-Camp] to General Walker.

Leaving the Post Office we drove up past the Public Works Dept., an old building that was formerly a military barracks, en route passing quickly from the business to the

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