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Saturday 25 March 1916

A bright sunny day, rather warm about noon but with a pleasant breeze blowing most of the time. Went to Pension Miles during the morning to see Oll & had morning tea at Groppi's.

On duty as usual during the afternoon & kept fairly busy with police work owing to the large number of men in Cairo on week-end leave.

After tea developed the films of Nile views.

Sunday 26 March 1916

Harry's birthday not forgotten.

A beautiful Sunday, sunny, but with a nice breeze most of the time.

During the morning Mearus, who has been on picquet duty here the same time that I have, was recalled in order to join up with troops from his battalion who are ordered to embark for at present an unknown destination.

Walked up to pension Wales about 10.30 & found Oll all ready for church. In the Cairo streets everything was going on just as if there was no Sunday here & it was good to mentally run over "O day of rest & gladness". The Methodist church is on the opposite corner to the Pension Wales & is really a long room on the first storey over some shops. When we got there about 20 people were present of whom all but 5 or 6 were in uniform, & 2 or 3 came in later. A small party of abt 7 Devons from Kasr-el-Nil barracks formed part of the congregation.

It was good to be once more in church even tho' the sharp calls of the Egyptian sellers of various wares, together

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