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Friday 11 February 1916

A clear fine day with a very pleasant cool breeze.

Parades held as usual, but in the morning, with the orderly's help I did most of the packing. During the day we passed several vessels going in both directions: in the morning a large boat going in the same direction was in sight, &amp: it took us until 6 o'c in the evening to overhaul &amp: pass her. She was quite close &amp: proved to be the French mail steamer "Athos" plying between Marseilles &amp: China. She seemed to be carrying a few troops, probably French reservists.

In the evening the prizes donated by the passengers for the various competitions were presented. A sum of £45 was subscribed for prizes by the passengers, in addition to the £30 given for gramophones, games etc early in the voyage.

After dinner the Steward's Concert was given on the well deck where the troops &amp: passengers could see, &amp: proved to be simply splendid. It lasted 2½ hours, there being 6 items before &amp: 6 after the interval, including one or two comedy sketches in addition to songs etc. as a climax a "Foo-Foo Band" of abt 20 members very variously &amp: curiously arrayed &amp: supplied with instruments (?) caused roars of laughter.

A collection in aid of the fund for supplying tobacco to our soldiers &amp: sailors was taken up at the interval &amp: realised &pound:30, the major part, of course, coming from the passengers. I don't think the men will ever forget the entertainment. During it there was no motion at all perceptible. A clear starry night again.

Ship's run 344 miles.

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