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left it behind. However nothing happened to my picket, tho' one of the other officers had his stones at one place; it was not serious, just a few rocks flying & no one being damaged.

We were back at the wharf at 9 o'c as instructed & between then & 9.30 when the last tender left for the ship, had numerous excursions after men who had broken back after having been brought down to the wharf.

Again I expected to find the next day that several men had been left behind, but all were present when roll was called. We go on board by abt 10 o'clock but I did not turn in till abt 11.30. The sailing notice was for 10 o'c but she really got away abt ½ an hour after midnight.

Friday 4 February 1916

A beautifully clear sunny day, with a cool breeze making it very pleasant. The sea was wonderfully smooth: the breeze prevented anything like a "glassy" sea, but there was hardly any motion, & when one was down in the bathroom the ship might well have been in the harbour for all the difference the sea made.

The daily routine was not varied, excepting that the colonel held a court & dealt with some dozens of men whose names had been taken for overstaying leave, - not coming back on the lighters at the proper time. In many cases his fine of 5/- seems to me to be very inadequate.

During the day we passed 5 vessels. One was a vessel we had seen in Colombo & had left some hours before us; the name "Legazpri-Barcelona" was painted in large letters on the

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