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Thursday 9 March 1916

Mother's Birthday.

A bright sunny day with a cool breeze making it very pleasant.

Continued the training for the week, the battalion again marched out into the desert (taking lunch) & spent the day at battle work. During the morning went off some distance with Prescott & 1 or 2 others & had some revolver practice with my Colt automatic, in the end being quite satisfied up to 75 paces although there is a distinct throw to the left (2 ft at 75 paces). Prescott also did some good shooting with his.

We marched back to camp about 3 o'clock & after a bath & a change I walked off to look for Jocelyn at B Details, Feitoun. After some trouble I found the place & from the orderly room learned that he with the 2 friends who had come away together again as they had done last year before Gallipoli had only that morning been sent down to Ismailia.

Had a lo9ng tramp back & after dinner ran into Cairo to tell Oll that it was my intention to try & get the next day off so as to have a run round with her.

Back in camp by 9 o'c.

Friday 10 March 1916

Again a beautiful day.

After breakfast obtained leave for the day from the adjutant & abt 9.30 left for Cairo to meet Oll. Found she had lunch packed & after getting one or two more necessities we had just time to get to the Sultan's palace in order to see his guard mount. We took a garry, not knowing exactly where it was, & after driving for some time thro' fearfully squallid & dirty streets suddenly swept out on to a spacious courtyard of perhaps 3 to 4 acres in extent, in front of the

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