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For the latter part of the journey the tram line runs between an avenue of (I think) flame trees, distinguished by their pinnate leaves & large pods. Away in the distance was the Mena Camp on the right & the Pyramids on the left, & round to the south, following the low ridge skirting the fertile flats was another large pyramid abt 15 mls away, the edges appearing coarsely serviate due to large steps apparently.

The final stretch of the avenue was perfectly straight & was done in fine style by the tram with scarcely a stopping place.

At the terminus was a fair-sized refreshment room & close by it a large building of several stories height known as Mena House. At present it is being used as a hospital, inmates in the light blue woollen dressing gowns being seen all over the grounds.

Close to the refreshment room on the other side was a small Bedouin encampment that looked quite interesting, - from a distance. Tiny squallid tents of rough horse-hair material that had once been striped & gaudy-coloured but now are frayed & torn & muddy were occupied by dirty looking women & children sharing their space with mangy dogs & shaggy goats. Fires emitting plenty of smoke were smouldering in some of them, & for a very good reason since the fuel is simply manure puddled & made into thin round pancakes by the women who then spread it in the sun to dry: numerous parties of women engaged in this work were seen along the route as we came out.

The menfolk were

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