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at him. Although it was after 7 o'clock when we got into town Ol was sure that we ought to have afternoon tea seeing that the "correct" time for dinner in Cairo is 9 pm. Accordingly we went to Groppi's, the Cairo Sargent's & had a good time, then a short stroll through the streets & back to Pension Wales for 8 o'clock dinner, after which we had a short yarn before I caught the Heliopolis tram back to camp, arriving just after "lights out".

It had been a most enjoyable afternoon with Ol & Rid.

Friday 18 February 1916

A fine day with parades as usual. Our company was one of the 4 detailed as inlying picquet, a body of 500 men ready at 10 minutes notice to be on the march in the case of an alarm being given at any time. It means no leave at all from camp & parading in full order 3 times a day besides sleeping in clothes at night-time.

I had intended to try & get leave again so as to be with Ol & Rid, but of course had to give up the idea. The night was a glorious moonlight & starlight one.

Saturday 19 February 1916

Again a fine day. Physical drill in morning before breakfast, afterwards the company being at our disposal to correct the fitting of equipment & attend to other details. Spent the afternoon letter-writing & attending to small jobs. Same thing at night.

Sunday 20 February 1916

A bleak raw day said by our Chaplain to be unusually cold for the time of the year. Attended Holy Communion, by Capt Maxted in the early morning, no parade being held, & at 9.00 went to the adjoining battalion

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