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Wednesday 1 March 1916

A nice bright day. Got up after breakfast & spent the morning letter-writing, going to Cairo in the afternoon to try & find the Ross More Pension where Ollie was to stay. Was unsuccessful & returned to camp about 5 o'clock with Capt Minty, our M.O., meeting in the tram an old H.S. boy & University contemporary in the person of 2nd Lieut Marcel Arousseau. He is with the 28th (?) Battn & was about to leave for Tel el Kebir.

Letter-writing again after tea.

Thursday 2 March 1916

Feeling right but stayed inside on a/c of the weather. Hot & windy, clouds of dust & sand blowing everywhere, so much so that the C.O. ordered the afternoon parade to be cut out.

Spent the time in the tent, censoring letters, reading up latest methods etc.

Friday 3 March 1916

Father's birthday & many happy returns duly wished & a birthday party held with Ollie later.

Another hot day & the men were marched out into the desert with midday meal for a full day's work the doctor would not let me go on duty with them.

Instead went into Cairo, found that Oll was not at Ross More House & so went to Pension Wales to enquire. Very much surprised to find her in her old room in bed with tonsillitis. Went to a chemist & got some gargle & swabbing mixture & at intervals attended to her throat.

In the afternoon left her for awhile & went out to get some snaps of street scenes, bringing her back some icecream etc, with which we celebrated Daddy's birthday. Had to return to Aerodrome for 6 o'c mess but afterwards ran in again for a short time. Her throat much better.

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